Friday, 9 April 2021

How to watch IPL 2021 for free in Tamil, English, Hindi on  PC and Mobile ?

How to watch IPL 2021 for free in Tamil, English, Hindi on PC and Mobile ?


How to watch IPL 2021 for free in Tamil Hindi English? 

Through apps like OreoTV, GHDSports app, Thoph TV you can watch the IPL 2021 n Tamil Hindi English for free without having to pay a cent.

Hotstar apps alternative:

    Every year IPL is a game that makes us Indians want to sit in front of the TV or go to the stadium to witness the greatness and fierce of our Indian players paly head to head with each other as well as with other country players on the same team. Watching their favourite palyers fight with their rivals is arousing for every fan during the IPL matches. 

    You can either go and watch the IPL 2021 match directly in the stadium or through live streams. But this year the former is not going to happen as the Covid came in and the only way to watch the IPL 2021 is through TV or Live streaming apps. There are many apps that live stream 2021 for a subscription fee. 
    Apps like Hotstar, Yupp TV charge around 300rs for VIP subscription a year or 1500rs for premium subscription a year. But you don't want to pay that much do you?. You want to watch the IPL 2021 on your Pc or Mobile or Smart TV for free right?. Well, we have a way to make that happen.

    Here are the three free alternatives to Hotstar apps that you can download and watch and enjoy the IPL 2021 for free. 

1.Thoph TV:

    You might have already heard about this app. Thoph Tv one of the biggest competitor in the free live streaming IPL grounds. They offer free IPL live stream in n Tamil Hindi English various languages and in various video qualities. They are an independent organisation who were not charging fee for the streaming. But now that has been changed you can still watch the IPL 2021 for free in Thoph TV but you can also pay a 50rs subscription fee to watch without the ads. Yes there are ads in this app that might be a pain sometimes. But hey nothing is free right.

Thoph TV features:

  • Free to use
  • Watch IPL 2021 for free in Tamil Hindi English
  • Various definitions
  • Multiple languages
  • More Networks
  • More channels
Disadvantages of Thoph TV:
  • There are more ads
  • Unskippable ads
  • Buffering problems
  • Crashes a lot

2.Oreo TV:

    Oreo TV is yet another app that is very well designed and has a few of the buffering problems that it has.  This app also offers you to watch the IPL 2021 for free in Tamil Hindi English on mobile or PC or on Android TV. This app is free and has less ads when compared to Thoph Tv. 

Features of Oreo TV:
  • Watch IPL 2021 for free in Tamil Hindi English 
  • Watch WWE for free
  • Watch Hotstar, Zee5 and other streaming apps contents for free
  • Great UI
  • Less Buffering
  • NO Ads
  • Less Networks to watch from

3.GHD Sports app:

    GHD sports APK working mod free download. Hotstar offers IPL streaming for 300rs per year. If you get the Hotstar VIP subscription for a year or premium for month or premium for a year. Premium for a month is rs 400 and for a year 1500 for Hotstar premium subscription. 

    While there are other alternatives to watch IPL for less amount of money like Jio subscription cricket recharge or others. 

    There are other mod apps that offer the same thing for free. Apps like Oreo TV, Thoph TV and one of those apps is GHDSports apk. The problem with Thoph TV is that it buffers a lot and it might crash many times. But GHD sports app can help you to watch IPL for free in Tamil Hindi English without crashing or other things. 

Features of GHD Sports app:
  • Watch IPL 2021 for free in Tamil Hindi English
  • No ads
  • No buffering
  • Disadvantages:
  • Not that great of UI
  • Less channels to watch

4.Redbox TV

    There is another player in town. That is the Redbox TV. You can watch not only the IPL with this app but all other television channels can be streamed through this application. You have to watch it with the MX player since this app don't support in-app video player. Don't worry you can also download the MX Player from our website that has 0 ads. 


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